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My name is Nick Dux. I am strong, I am committed, I am consistent, I am proactive and I am giving. A few years ago, writing those words about myself would have been followed by an uncomfortable wince!

For periods of time, I lived in a small comfort zone for fear of the panic and anxiety attacks that frequented my days. Perhaps it is not a surprise that I have chosen to work in children’s Mental Health for 16 years.

Through study, self-development and reconditioning, I been able to progress to a point I never would have thought possible.

Anything is possible when you change the story you tell yourself

For 2 years I have been self-employed, working in different schools to build resilience as a whole school approach. There are many aspects that make up this approach, including:

  • Leading education professionals in developing ‘Transformative Communication’ – an approach that builds a strong resilience in themselves and the children they work with
  • Building staff resilience, supporting professionals to recognise the tools they have to overcome the most challenging of situations and remove barriers to maximising their potential
  • Teaching whole classes about what resilience means and the skills that the children have that will help them to achieve their potential